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There are so many ideas on Pinterest about everything but I particularly like the unusual things for the garden.  I have a similar wishing well so putting cactus plants on top I really like, I will try to get ones that have flowers to give it a bit of colour.

These bunnies are so cute, I do have a little hedgehog hanging on one flower-pot but these are even prettier.

I so want one of these to hang on my back gate, I love the ideas that people think up, I do wish my brain would work like that, some would say it doesn’t work at all now! lol  Even when younger I could never think of what costumes the children could wear for dress up events, I would just go completely blank but I guess we are all different.


This I want to do in the garden, just need to find an old gate preferably one that someone is chucking out as on the for sale sites they want about £20 and I cannot justify that just to put in the garden for a plant tp grow up it.


Very simple this one as the tubs are only about £5 and if you can build your trellis from odd bits of wood then it is a cheap idea, you could also do different size tubs for a bit of variety for your vegetables.


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I have been wasting hours on Pinterest again but it is so good, I just love it.  Imagine drinking Mulled Wine out of these babies?


Sitting in these groovy chairs, I think one of our coffee shops in Folkestone needs to invest in these.


I am just loving these two books and really looking forward to reading them.  Especially if I am all tucked up in the new bed and covers, love, love love it, so cosy.




They say an agent or publisher will google you as soon as they hear your name and are thinking of working with you. Social media has in some ways taken over our lives but for some this is a necessity if we want to pursue our carears. So, how do we get a social platform? This is getting a lot easier as most of us have either a computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, iphone or mobile that we can access these apps. I guess the most popular one is FaceBook, so make yourself a profile making sure never to lie about anything as someone will surely pick it up. True to life and interesting facts about yourself and your work, including pictures and places you will be going. One interesting fact I have discovered is that our readers love to see where we do our writing, this is for all the authors out there. You can also have an author page that people can like and you can show case all your publications.

IMG_3597Next we have Twitter, I find this takes a bit more time, in the beginning I was reading a lot of tweets but in reality you can only have a quick look and because I follow mainly authors, agents and publishers I will retweet anything I think is interesting and by retweeting you are getting the attention of the person that originally tweeted. I have kept most of my profiles on each social media the same so people get to know me. I would say that these two are the most popular and the ones you must have but there are others.

IMG_3600Here you have Instagram, where you post pictures of anything to do with yourself and your work. You will find that as you start following people you will see the same names but that’s ok as it is their friends that one day might notice you or your work and help you or buy your book.

IMG_3601Goodreads is the one that all authors and anybody with anything to do with books or publications should be on. You get to see the new releases first and you can put your name forward to read them and write a review before they are put up for sale. Your readers can see what you are reading as well as writing. Again keep it all personal but obviously not giving your full address or phone number. I created an email just for Nanny Cool and tend to give that out.

IMG_3586Pinterest, this is my favourite and could spend hours on here and never get bored. The idea is you create a board, give it a name and then look through hundreds of pictures and pick the ones you like and put them on your board. I have a lot of boards, for instance one on writing that I put all things to do with that on it.



IMG_3588You could have a board of your books, books you have read, your office. Two of my favourites are my wish list so you can put all the things you would like for birthday or Christmas and my childhood and all the things from those years, it takes you right back there with your memories.

IMG_3599We then have BlogLovin, which is basically a site full of blogs on every subject you could ever think of. Such interesting reading on some of them, most include photos as they are found to be read more and they are kept short so you don’t get bored with them.

You also have google that you can link into from your Google email. There is Linkedln but I find this is more for business people.
I have linked everything to my blog so every time I write a blog post it goes on every other social site that I have. When ever I share or post on FaceBook it automatically goes to Twitter. So it all cuts down on the time you spend on your social media platform.
Hope this has helped some and if you have any questions or queries then please get in touch either on here or any of the sites or at nanny_cool@ymail.com


Feeling pretty pleased with myself so thought I would share my news with all you lovely people that read my blog and support me in my aim to publish the books about Nanny Cool.

My friends and grandchildren are loyal supporters and mean so much to me, I could not do it without you all. I have become friends with many of you that read my blog and find that one of the most wonderful things about authors is that everyone is so friendly and helpful. You are special people.

20140205-044100 pm.jpg
I have looked at my stats and I now have 286 people reading my blog! Thank you all so much. xx

20140205-043023 pm.jpg
My Twitter followers are amazing, all 830 of you! Thank you Tweeters.

20140205-043125 pm.jpg
As for FaceBook there are 115 of you loyal friends.

20140205-043145 pm.jpg
Pinterest is getting more followers but I think it needs a bit more advertising to get it out there. I find it so useful for looking up ideas, recipes, gardening in fact just about everything you could think of you will find pictures of on here. I have 49 followers on here.

So I think Nanny Cool has launched herself very well and hopefully more fans will follow, so tell all your friends! Lol

My other news is that I am going to a writing conference in March and have appointments to see two agents, I have everything crossed and am praying they like the idea of Nanny Cool and the stories about her. I will be working very hard on writing till then and also the synopsis. Wish me luck folks.


20130420-113503 PM.jpg

My job tonight was what all Nanny’s are good at, babysitting. Tonight’s was very easy though as Mia went to bed about half hour after they had gone out. My eldest granddaughter came with me and we watched Britain’s Got Talent and then the Voice and tried to guess who would be picked, I did not do very well. The hardest job of the night was putting all the toys away so some were left for Mummy to put in right places, I can never remember what Buzz-Bee goes where lol

Kara the eldest Is staying with me for the night and we are going to do some gardening tomorrow and put the stickers on the dustbins to make them look more original, I will do pictures to show you.
I have joined the Pinterest site, what a great site and why did I never look at it before. There are so many great photos of everything and you make your own board of the things you like, I have picked so many as it is all so good. Got a few ideas for the garden and things to do with the kids in the summer. It will be good when I finish the web site as can use some ideas on there too.

I need to make a plan of my time and all what I need to do as there seems to be a lack of hours in each day to do everything I want. Some say its because I take so long to do something now! I do know that if I start reading blogs or looking at Pinterest then I can easily loose a couple of hours. I will have to get tough with myself. Best go sleep and get up early so I can start on my list of jobs.