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Another lovely day in Kent, amazing how it makes you feel so much better. I have been busy today as sorted some plants in the pots so all strawberry plants are out, carrots have been planted and kale…not sure what that will be like as never tried growing that before. I need to get some potatoes, beetroot and onions in at the weekend and do all the flower pots in front of the windows. I have been collecting pictures, ornaments, lights and candle holders so it should look lovely by Sunday night….that’s the plan. My aim is to create a sitting area that will look nice all year round, I really do not like it looking so bare in the winter.

This evening I have been struggling with the new laptop and Windows 8, I attempted to load the printer as it is HP the same as laptop but no, they are not compatible so it now looks like I am going to have to buy a new printer! Will this never end, I have never known so many problems after buying a new laptop I wish I had just bought a cheap one now like I did before as I never had any trouble with it….apart from going wrong lol

I did manage to load all my pictures from the spare hard drive and took a lot of my camera so at least that went ok and I have them all, it was lovely looking back at when the children were little. Photos bring back so many memories, I ended up looking at loads of them and that is why I am so late writing this post, I nearly forgot about you all.

I am still struggling with the ITunes, I will have another go tomorrow at that as think I will have to google it to see what I am doing wrong. My wifi appears to be very slow tonight for some reason, if that goes wrong they may have to carry me out in a white coat as I will go mad lol

I was very surprised about the social media sites as MSN, FaceBook, Skype all appear to be linked together. Not sure about Twitter as have not got to grips with that yet, so many things to re-learn not easy for an old brain that’s very temperamental!

I also have a digital photo frame that I need to set up but have been putting it off as it all looks a bit complicated, if I can master this Windows 8 then anything is possible. Lol

Off to bed to read the book, night x


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I will not look at you if you do not look at me!

What a lovely day we had here, I went outside and looked at the garden and realised how much there is to do out there. It feels like we should all hurry up and get things planted as everything is behind. I have made a plan to get the compost for the seed’s and will try to get those all in pots tomorrow and will have a full greenhouse (it is only small) I have some more solar lights to go up so it should look pretty then. The hard part is the digging, not very keen on that bit but I think my grandson is coming to help me, so that is good.

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I really wonder sometimes why things seem to go wrong or not do what they are supposed to do. I had to make recovery disks for the new laptop so I bought a new pen drive and it has so far taken over 4 hours, it got almost to the end and there was a problem….not one that I understood, so had to start again. I also bought the new Office as I have Windows 8 so everything was up to date, I went on the Office website, it said to scratch off the strip and then put the number in and it will all download, simple. NO, I scratched it off and could not read the numbers! So had to take it back and then get another one, at least that did not charge me, I think he thought no one could make that up or be so stupid…he could see how smudged the numbers were.

The new laptop has not got a disk drive, no, I did not realise this until I went to use it. I now am the owner of a portable disk drive, at least it’s pink. Lol I also invested in a large capacity pink pen drive to keep everything backed up, let’s hope I have more luck with that. The laptop breaking has proved to be a very expensive experience, I keep telling myself that I have covered all points now, even paying for insurance so it will be fixed or replaced if there is a problem and they even MOT it every year. Probably need that with me using it! Lol

The children are still on Easter holidays here so I do not think I will be getting very much writing completed this week. I am looking forward to Izzy coming to stay, we plan on going out for the day. Will tell you more later in the week. Think it is time for me to get under the covers and read my book, I am half way through so I just want to finish it now.

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