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These flowers that I received from Prestige flowers, it was from their Cancer research bouquets are still going. The lilies are smelling so good and it drifts through the whole flat. These are definitely worth buying as they last so long.






Tuesday 1st May, what a change in the weather, we had rain for over 12 hours yesterday with flooding, trees down, lost electricity, people being swept off piers by huge waves and even beach huts ending up in the sea! Today the sun is shining, a blue sky temperature up a few degrees and they predict a hot bank holiday weekend, hope I have not spoken too soon! img_1238


I have two birthdays at the weekend, Alfie will be 10 and Izzy 15 It only seems like yesterday that Alfie was born, I need to make the most of him coming to stay as they get to about 14 then hobbies, school and friends take precedent over spending a weekend with your Nan.


I may take Peaches (the cat) out in the camper one day as I have got her such a cool playpen type thing for her to go outside.

I cannot wait to see what she thinks about that, it folds up really small and for £14.99 I was very pleased, well done Amazon.

We have two bank holiday Mondays this month so that’s great for some workers as they get a long weekend. Also its half term towards the end and that will mean a week away in the camper with family and friends. Really looking forward to that, I do enjoy it when you get everything set up and stay a few days so you can really relax and enjoy everything. I have got a solar charger for my phone so will be trying that out and I want to see how long the leisure battery lasts when using things normally, I may invest in solar panels on roof if needed and when I have saved for them.


I have two book reviews coming out this week then May and June are busy with books so ‘do not disturb as reading’ will be applied a lot. At the moment I am reading The wisdom of Sally red shoes by Ruth Hogan, who wrote the best seller The keeper of lost things, last year. This was a review copy from Netgalley, I am about half way through but will tell you more in the review on publishing day the 3rd May. I am actually having to turn books down at the moment, just so many good ones plus the other promotions and reviews that need doing.


The Sarah & Duck show at The Leas Cliff Hall finished yesterday with the winner watching the show, blog post to come about that. Click on the link above to see the shows that are coming up, some exciting times for Folkestone.

The Old English Company are running a competition now that you can see here also the details are on my blog and website. So many goods on their website again a blog post will be coming about what I buy.fullsizeoutput_164b


Version 2

My flowers from Prestige Flowers are looking great and filling the flat with gorgeous perfumes. It would be great if you could have a constant display of fresh flowers all the time, even in the summer when I get some from the garden I am toyed with do I leave them so the garden looks pretty or bring them indoors. I try to do both and plant more cut flower types every year.IMG_1462


So many changes coming up for sites to adhere to, I have just up-dated mine so the SSL encryption is enabled, this means that the ‘s’ has been added to the address as in https://karensworld-writer.co.uk so my site is secure. Soon Google will put up a message saying the site is not secure when you click on it if you have not got this.


Also the new data laws are changing, you are probably experiencing lots of emails where sites are up-dating their policies. I will be doing this as well in the coming weeks.


As I am running competitions now there will be a newsletter in the coming weeks and I plan to do Author Question Time ( If any authors want to be involved then let me know here.) and giveaways, wow I hear you say. Now I really don’t want you to miss any of this so the best way is to follow me, it’s really easy just click here and fill in your email address in the box.fullsizeoutput_1667

You will then get ALL the news and gossip without missing anything. We all know Facebook is changing so you will NOT see all my posts if you follow on there or any other social media platforms. It would be great to get to know all you followers as that is what keeps me going. You can also follow me at my website here and fill in your email address at the bottom of every page as it is all the same, there are also some different pages all about My World.


Before you ask about the Food Reviews, yes I am still doing those as they are so popular with you and I have a few new places that I will be visiting in Folkestone in the next weeks and letting you know all about them.

So what do you think?

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Enjoy May everyone




Version 2

The big C appears to be affecting so many friends and families of the people we know so I always try to do things to help the research and fund-raising. You can order these flowers from here: https://flowershop.cancerresearchuk.org/flowershttps://flowershop.cancerresearchuk.org/flowers

Not only is 25% donated to research but you also get free delivery which is always a huge bonus I find when ordering.

I was honored to help in promoting these cancer research flowers and gifts for Prestige Flowers. The first thing I always like about this company is their standard of packing and delivery, first class in my view. The flowers are wrapped and kept moist for their journey so you know they are going to be fresh when the person receives them. The delivery is always on-time exactly when you want it to be delivered. Considering there was a vase and teddy included with these flowers, most would be delighted to be sent them to brighten their day and make them feel really special.

This plant food I think makes the flowers last longer than the liquid ones you can get, this is powder and you get a lot in this sachet, I had more than enough for two vases.

The teddy called Charlie was bigger than the ones I have seen before so he made a nice companion for Harry.


The vase was very simple but elegant and really matched the flowers, I can imagine it being used over the years for the flowers from your garden.

Roses and Lily’s are two of my favourite flowers and they were pink my best colour, I could have cried when I received them as they really were gorgeous. The perfume from the lily’s can be smelt all through my flat and I have the roses in my bedroom to look at.

Prestige Flowers have really gone above and beyond this time as I adore it all.

Let us hope they bring some sunshine to people’s lives who are having a bit of a rough time at the moment or even just to say thinking of you.

There are so many different types and collections at Prestige Flowers that I am sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.


Spa gifts from £28


Wonderful looking baskets from £25


Then all the different flowers and combinations. Order your today from here.




I loved so much of February so it’s a bit hard picking the best bits as I had lovely flowers for Valentine’s Day from Prestige flowers, they lasted ages as well, the chocolates didn’t though! You get 10% off for Mothers Day using this link.


Then I had the delicious wine from Terlingham vineyard, Folkestone, I really cannot wait to go for the tour and tasting when the weather is a bit warmer. http://terlinghamvineyard.co.uk

Barry M started selling the best nail varnish and it’s a lovely pink and it smells great, I really dislike the strong smell of nail varnish so it’s a win win for me and the price was good as I got three for the price of two, the lip scrub makes your lips feel good in the morning.

Then I had another first experience with hypnotherapy to try to stop eating sweet foods, I am not sure what I expected but can say I was amazed to find that I did not fancy anything sweet afterwards.

So with a brilliant pancake day, Freddie’s birthday bash and of course the ladies that lunch, February was great and I got time to read some super books.

Let’s hope March will be as good especially as the snow has now all gone from Folkestone.

Have a great week.



I would like to thank Prestige Flowers for the super purple flowers we ordered for Jackie, they were gorgeous.

Arriving at The Hungry Horse in Folkestone we were told that there was no booking, we did book but didn’t have the confirmation with us so we could not have our usual round table, we did find a smaller one so that was good as it makes it so much easier to talk to everyone. It was quite busy for a Wednesday lunchtime but I think we out stayed everyone! We can blame Lynda for that as she got stuck in traffic on the M20 for three hours! So we had to have another bottle of wine once she arrived which I must say is a bargain on a Wednesday as it is only £5.00 a bottle then we had dessert and Lynda had a salad so keeping with her diet.


The food was nice and hot with no complaints from any of us, we had some of the deals which were two meals for £7.99 so four of us had the scampi and you got ten pieces, also a decent size pot of tartar.


The salads are a nice size here with a bit of everything in them, Carol had chicken with hers which looked really nice and Sheila had the fish and chips.

Once again I am afraid this time I forgot to take pictures of the desserts apart from Sheilas, I was obviously talking too much and not paying attention, I must do better.


We did have a lot to talk about as Carol had been to Australia to see her daughter, that flight is so long I really admire her for doing it every year. There was a lot of discussion about the body that had been found on the motorway the night before and then my head was bursting with ideas for a story. The ladies putting in their ideas and it got very bizarre but good fun. I will have to tell Lisa Cutts that I am writing that story as she is a great author who also works for the police here, lovely lady. I have also just started one of her books, Buried Secrets, very good. Look out for Ladies who lunch investigate.

So a pleasant afternoon was had by us all as we put the world to rights, it was the turn of the government, the NHS and our local Shepway council. I am sure we would run it all a lot better and not waste anywhere near the amount of money that they all do.





Not to worry just click on this link and you can have your choice of flowers or gifts sent to the one you love on Wednesday, Prestige Flowers deliver anywhere so how about sending them to where they work.

If you want a nice bottle of wine for the evening then I suggest a nice bottle of sparkling rosé from Terlingham winery, serve chilled with anything and you will be in their good books for ages.