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If you join Goodreads they do giveaways all the time on hundreds of books so I often just have a look through the latest releases to see if there is anything I fancy and every so often I am lucky, well about three times actually but that is still three free books. This is my latest one that I have just been notified about. I will be reading this after my Netgalley books.

I have got a bit of a list at the moment as a few books have been released so I think I will read in this order.

I am so looking forward to reading all of these as I am so sure they are going to be superb. My favourite authors, good reviews and recommendations. The reviews will go out on publishing day for some of these but I will let you know.

Do you do your reading in bed?  It’s so comfy snuggling down with a good book I just have to make sure I don’t fall asleep and drop my Kindle, yes I have done that a few times so now I try to remember to lay in the middle of the bed so it does not land on floor.

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone x


This reminded me of the books that I have collected to read, which seems to be growing at a very fast rate.
I must not do so much “socialising” on line! The blogs and reviews I read seem to be taking up all of my reading time and by the time I go to bed I am so tired lately that I don’t need a book to make me drop off. I will share my list with you though for when I have finished The Doll Makers by Penny Grubb, which I must say is very good and I know next time I pick it up I will read it until the end, you know when it just makes you read and read until the end.

20130906-074942 PM.jpg
I am not sure which one will be next but all the reviews of It’s Raining Men by Milly Johnson are great so it may well be that one and then Jon Rance as that looks good, I have been looking out for his other book to buy as that looks appealing.
How do you choose a book to buy? I am influenced by FaceBook as you can see pictures of the book and you get to know the authors a tiny bit, sometimes I am just pulled by the picture and instantly know that the book will be just what I like. Sometimes you have to go off the track though and read what the book is about to find out that yes, you do like it and buy it.
Penny’s book and Jon’s book I was instantly drawn by the story but if I hadn’t gone to Wales I would not have met her so not seen her book. Jon is on my FaceBook and saw his book there and new I had to buy it.
The book by Mia Dolan called Mia’s World I picked for a completely different reason and I would suggest probably not a very reliable way to choose a book to buy and read. My granddaughter is called Mia! Told you, not a good reason lol.
Do you choose certain books for the time of year? I always have to read a Christmas book at Christmas, it is a lovely time of year to curl up on the sofa with that soft throw you love in front of the fire reading a good Christmas story. The other time is when I go away on holiday it has to be a happy book some of my favourites are set in Italy, just because I have always wanted to travel round all the lakes and places in a camper van. Not sure what book I am going to take when I go away soon. I think it should be one that I have got but I may just creep into the bookshop and have a little look.
As soon as I saw this book on FaceBook today I knew my grandson Alfie would love it so I will be looking out for that. Why do boys like poop and slime and yucky things? Lol

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Having spent yesterday resting my arm and recovering from the flushed face, not a good look! But are side effects of the injection, I do seem to be in far less pain today. But I am not lifting anything and doing as I am told….very hard at times!

I had an evening out booked for tonight and had the most wonderful time. Myself and daughter took Izzy (granddaughter) to a talk from her most favourite author, the very wonderful Jacqueline Wilson. Her most famous books are Tracey Beaker which was turned into a TV series. Izzy likes the latest one Queenie as her favourite and took that with her, she has so many to choose from.

I never new that the Jackie magazine that I used to read when I was younger was named after Jacqueline Wilson, I told Izzy I had a Jackie Annual but I think I was more excited than her.

Izzy was amazed when she said that one of her favourite books as she was growing up was Anne Frank as that is Izzy’s favourite, she has read a couple of books and her diary also having watched the film so many times. Izzys next request is going to Amsterdam to see where Anne Frank used to live, so she was pleased when I said I had entered a competition and the prize was a trip for two to Amsterdam on a coach. Fingers crossed lol

After Jacqueline had spoken and answered questions they asked the people with the special tickets to go to one side as they were going to meet her and she would sign their book. I thought Izzy was going to pass out with excitement, me, I felt like crying. I love it when such little things mean so much to children and their excitement and looks on their faces, I best stop or I will cry. Lol

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