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I was so pleased to find these in The Works a couple of days ago as not only did I have points that added up to £3.60 I then found my favourite authors books at 3 for £5 most definitely a great bargain!

I have all of the series now so looking forward to reading them all and then I will have to wait for the TV series of them which I think will be great.

This author keeps you guessing until the end in all her books and I like that. I also find it wonderful to read about places I know and love.

Hope you enjoy them to. x 


Every chapter appears to be about someone different so I am struggling to remember everything, I know this is me so not in any way blaming the author.  I am persevering though as the reviews are all so good and I also have the next one to read already, maybe it will all fall into place by then.




It is that time of the month again and I must say I thought it was one of our best lunches, boy did we laugh.  We celebrated Corinne’s birthday, she received some lovely presents and stayed at mine so she could have some wine, then in the evening we went onto cocktails.  Sorry to say that there are no pictures as all the chatting and laughing distracted me, lol.  The Hungry Horse is our favourite place, food is good, wine is cheap and the staff are so lovely.

Going down to Rocksalt in the harbour where we both love to sit looking out over the sea with the 2for1 delicious cocktails between 5 and 7 in the evening, we were really disappointed as after waiting twenty minutes for a drink they then told us they were shutting in 7 minutes as they were having a comedy night.  The bar girl made us one drink and I have to say she did it very quickly and not the same as the cocktail man so we were very disappointed and it has really put us off going there again.

Love the many faces of Lynda!  Roll on May, I have the best friends ever and love them all so much.




What a gorgeous little tea room and craft centre, so many delightful pieces on sale where people rent the shelf space and what a brilliant idea.  Elizabeth certainly does have a lot of ideas as she is just in the process of making the small garden an extension of the inside and after seeing that I am sure it will be absolutely fabulous, it is also a nice sun trap.

You really do not know where to look next and I could spend so much as many of the items are one off’s.  The cream tea was nice, with the prices all being very reasonable and it was good to have a nice pot of tea.


Even the way the shop has been decorated is so simple but what a fantastic effect, I particularly like the pearls round the light.  To be honest I loved all of it and cannot wait to go there again.





Julie Wassmer has done it again, another superb read from the Whitstable Pearl Mystery collection.  I would like to thank Littlebrown Books and Julie for sending me this to read before publication, it is a privilege to read and review for you.

This again left me baffled as to who had committed the two murders until it was disclosed at the end!  Brilliant writing with descriptions that made you feel you where actually there. I love the characters, they all blend together so well, making you feel like they are actual people in Whitstable.

Pearls mother Dolly gives her a birthday present of a cooking course with a well-known chef at an exclusive retreat set on the old Pilgrims Way into Canterbury.  What could possibly go wrong?

Two murders in such a small group of people you would think the murderer would stand out but no, very clever writing with subtle clues, that I did not get makes this an outstanding murder mystery.  With the added romance that is trying to bloom between the police detective Mike McGuire and Pearl simmering in the back ground adding a warm addition to the mix, that is until the good-looking ‘hot’ chef Nico gets Pearl’s attention.  McGuire realises he has to up his game if he wants anything to happen with Pearl but is he to late and has Nico got there first?

I cannot wait for the next mystery and the developments in the lives of Pearl and her family.




I have just finished reading Julie Wassmer’s latest book that will be published tomorrow.  I cannot wait for you to read my review in the morning!


One of the first places to see when you get there is The Cavern Club which was made famous in the 60’s by the Beatles playing there.  I was expecting a bar but this place is amazing as it is under ground with brick walls and arches everywhere.  This is the same stage that the beatles played on.

They have musicians playing and singing Beatles tunes all the time and they are so good.  Tribute bands play once a month for something different.  Such a stimulating place and so relaxed with people dancing where ever or if you want to wander round there is information about the club and beatles all over the walls and even their guitars on show.  I loved it and if you have never been to Liverpool then you really must go.

Outside the club you have the bronze statue of Cilla Black who was also a true Liverpudlian, never losing her accent and such a lovely person.  Singing from the same time as the Beatles she went on to become a show host of the well-known Blind Date and Surprise-Surprise on television but I think her first love was singing.


If you are a dedicated Beatles fan you can go on the Magical Mystery Tour exploring The Beatles Liverpool with such places like, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, their homes and schools.  I am sure you would be over loaded with everything Beatles but what an amazing tour.


There are many statues of famous people all over the town and as you can see a pint is very cheap.