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I found this on my kindle, you know what it’s like you end up with so many on there from all different places.  I am going to start writing them down when I get them and flagging them if a publishing date is coming up, I will be more efficient, well I will try my hardest. Anyway back to this book, I have not heard of the author but wow is she good!  This had a few different story lines but how they all ended up together was positively amazing writing.  I loved all the characters especially Jessie who also had her own problems to deal with but a lovely person and I would love a sequel about her and Callan and their next adventure.  Even though there were a lot of things going on I never got confused or forgot and I must say it is one of the best books I have read for that fact, I don’t know how she did it but it’s great.  This is going in my top 5 books of the year.  I loved it and you really must read it.




Amanda Prowse does it again, I believe this is one of the best books I have read, very emotional as it is drawn from real feelings and actions.  I am sure Amanda Prowse wept a few tears herself when writing this amazing story.

After finding your true soul mate at the age of 40 you think you have it all and having a baby is the last event you have been dreaming of for years. But it is not that easy and the grief this couple go through is not only emotional but it starts to affect their lives, not only as a couple but the close family as well. Then when her husbands teenager daughter comes to stay it brings a lot more secrets and feelings to the surface.  Can they recover from this?

Following the life of this couple Jonah and Lucy and I must say that the ending is not what you expect but still heart warming.

I don’t like to say too much about the book as you have to read it to really appreciate it, but I can say that this is another best seller for Amanda and a good 10 stars from me.  Order your copy today from Amazon.





What a brilliant story, a true page turner that I could not put down.  The characters are brilliant the story flowed but it left you with questions about everything, a very bloody crime scene but no body.  Young girls going missing, no wonder the police just plodded on as the answers were very slow coming and to be honest I was surprised at the conclusion but really pleased that all the loose ends were tied up at the end.  A brilliant author, I will look forward to reading more of her work.



What a glorious day it was yesterday here in Kent, in fact it was the hottest day of the year so far, please can we have many more days like this.  Corinne came over to have her hair and nails done at Emma’s salon in Folkestone so we had a little trip to the shops then a nice coffee in the sunshine at Djangos cafe & petit bistro.  Asking for a piece of cake, well you must have cake with coffee, I had the chocolate fudge cake and Corinne had the walnut and coffee cake.  How amazing is the size of these cakes and you get cream and ice-cream with them, the ice-cream tasted like cornish so it was delicious, no diet today then.

Think we may be visiting this coffee-house again.


The once a month lunch date seems to come round quicker every month but I am not complaining as for me and I think some others as well it is the best day of the month.  I really do look forward to it so much and we really do have such a laugh and always have a birthday to celebrate and lots of news to share.

The best bit of news this time was that Sharon is to be a Nan in August, I should say a very excited Nan, so that will need to be celebrated.

Lynda’s daughter Jo joined us today so she now knows who these ladies are that her Mum lunches with every month, was lovely to see her so happy and looking good, must have something to do with the new man in her life.

The puddings seem to get better and better here, in fact everything is good from the service to food and the general ambiance of the place, then you have the great prices, what more do you want.  Roll on next month and yes we are back here again.