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Want to Order Our New Magazine? (P.S. – Free to WordPress Users


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via Want to Order Our New Magazine? (P.S. – Free to WordPress Users

I just had to share this as I think it is a great idea and I am thinking about what to send them already and the best bit is, us bloggers get the magazine for free!

So many topics so it would appeal to everyone and no wasting hours, asking friends to read it over to make sure you have not forgotten the most important punctuation lol.

What is there not to like?  You never know who might read your article.

Good luck everyone.



Feeling very pleased with myself as one of my stories is in The Folkestone Anthology again, it makes it all worth while when you see something in printed form.  There are many great short stories in this edition so if you would like to purchase a book then please let me know.




Story Writing Exercises 979: Wednesday 12 October — Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group

Many courses, groups and writerly things on Morgen’s site, go have a look and say hi.

Here are your four story exercises for today. If you enjoy these prompts (or are looking to improve your writing or submit a manuscript), do take a look at my online courses… six are currently half price (when using coupon codes) and the other is FREE! Time yourself for 15 minutes for each one, then either […]

via Story Writing Exercises 979: Wednesday 12 October — Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group


Last weeks homework was a bit different as we had to go to two different locations and just write down notes or very small sentences so I did this and then I tried it from a child’s point of view like Annabel so then I created a small snippet of what she saw through her eyes.

Observations & Instant Views

Doctor’s waiting room


one little child’s chair


lady in wheelchair

lady behind counter

two children reading a book and shouting out names of animals,


lots of pictures on the wall


old man coughing-sounds horrible

 Turner Art Gallery

Huge lift


children’s area


drawing boards

clock tower

old wooden boxes full of pens


old paintings

sun shining on strip of sea

coloured flags on wall

white on edge of waves

lots and lots of light bulbs

clouds falling into the sea

a display that looks like it’s hard but really it is paper



 Annabel’s View

Amazed at size of lift

That clock is big

Bigger than my bedroom

amazed at the clouds and sea meeting

Cannot hear it move

loved looking out of window at sea and boats

Fed up with waiting for turn to draw

Do not like boring pictures

Will those light bulbs move?

Why can you not touch things?

Will that kite fly, that is on the wall?

Some things look silly

Or is it a flag?





Annabel goes to Turners Art Gallery

Excitingly Annabel runs up the big steps and through the door that her brother is holding open for her as he was first, much to Annabel’s disgust. Wishing her legs were just a tiny bit bigger so she could run as fast as her brother she gave him a punch as she ran past him.

This building is so big, Annabel thought walking over to look at some statues although they were not like normal statues you see like the one in front of the hospital.  These were on the floor and had round bottoms like they could roll about all over the floor.  Moving over with her hand out to touch one she jumped as her Dad said “No, you cannot touch anything here,” “but I want to see it move” said Annabel.  “It will not move they are just figures made of bronze, all with the same features.”

After they had looked at everything which Annabel thought was rather boring they made their way over to the lift, not realising it was a lift until the wall started to move.  Annabel stood with her mouth open staring at the lift, was it a lift she thought to herself but yes it must be as her Mum and Dad are telling her to get in.  This is bigger than my bedroom, she thought to herself as she looked all around it then moving over to the panel with all the buttons on it she could just about reach to be able to see the notice at the top saying that you could fit 100 people in this lift!  I bet you can’t she thought to herself but then decided that you probably could as it was enormous.  It did not even sound like a lift in fact it did not make any sound at all, where we moving?  The lift suddenly spoke and said they were at the first floor that was a bit loud it almost made me jump out my skin she whispered to her brother, not really knowing why she was whispering.  Walking out, still feeling amazed they entered the next room.

Looking all around first, Annabel then made her way to the table, waiting her turn, which she thought took ages she looked at the table there was an old wooden box full of pencils and crayons, piles of paper.  Most people were looking out of the window and drawing the sea making the waves look like they had cotton wool on their tips and the sun shining on just a part of the sea.  Annabel could not decide which was sea and which was clouds as it just looked like the sea was eating the clouds and spitting out the cotton wool.  So that was what she drew.

Above the window there were so many light bulbs displayed, it all looked pretty.  I wonder if they move when I blow them.  So taking a big, big deep breath she blew onto the bulbs, they did not move as she was only little, again thinking about how annoying her small legs were.  Trying to then count the bulbs she realised that every so often there was a different shape bulb so then she decided to see how many of the bulbs were different.  Running over to her Mum and Dad she excitedly told them.  Looking at the bulbs again they realised that they had not even noticed that and told Annabel how clever she was to see that. 

After looking at the pictures and the things that looked like flags or kites on the wall Annabel was bored again and begged to go into another room.  On the way out she got a lovely big purple sticker from the lady for being very good and doing a brilliant picture.


I think I accomplished what was wanted and I am now thinking that this will become a good story all about Annabel once I have finished.  For this weeks homework there will be two small stories about Annabel, will post them in next few days.