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FINESTRAT BAY  I love this little bay.  My friend and I stayed here for 3 days full board for €75


Alicante Spain, two-hour flight away from London, Gatwick UK it goes so quick and you can pick up for less than £60 return some months of the year.  Transfers to Benidorm costing about £6 each way makes it a relatively cheap break.  Benidorm attracts over five million tourists a year from many parts of the world but mainly Europe, it has 320 sunny days a year roughly so that is a huge attraction especially for us in Britain who suffer medically from the cold.  With 5 km of beaches you can pick to be in the hub of activity with nightclubs or a less active area with bars or even be in a real quiet part and with 150 hotels, 157 disco pubs, about 800 bars, 330 restaurants and 5 theme parks you have so much choice.  What is there not to like?

The Old Town is a must to visit with many small tapas bars tucked up little lanes with true spanish food, for the shoppers there are many, from one euro shops to expensive womans wear and luxury handbags and shoes, the spanish are very elegant when you see them out for their nightly stroll along the quiet beachfront or just sitting taking in the views and catching up with friends.

If you are eating out on a budget then you have to look for a “el menu del día” which is a menu of the day consisting of 3 courses, bread and a drink.  It is normally written on a chalk board outside the restaurant and can vary in price from as little as €7 per person so look out for the bargain meals served between 1pm & 4pm.  Some places do them all day and night so it is worth having a look round.

For the sun worshipers you can hire a sun bed on the beach for €4.50 a day but keep your ticket as you can move anywhere along the long stretch of beach which is very handy if you want to try somewhere different for lunch or a drink and then go down to the beach nearest you.  There are lifeguards all along the beaches so safe for the little ones, in fact it caters for all ages here as you can hire mobility scooters and many do as you will see them along the front. 

Keeping your windows closed and shutters or curtains closed during the day will keep your room/apartment cooler.  Buy the very large bottles of water to keep in your fridge as it is much cheaper.  If you are eating in some days then pop to a Masymas supermarket or a Mercadona as these will be cheaper than small shops along the many streets.  There is even an Iceland a very short bus ride away from Levante beach its a number 10 bus with all trips no matter where you go for €1.50 single.

You still get a beer for a euro in some bars and cocktails are about €5, full english start at about €4 and rising but check to see what it includes.

Market day is Tuesday which is Levante area, that has many bargains.

Another great deal breaker is that all mobile calls and texts now come out of your own data so no roaming charges from now. 

So there you have my tips for a great holiday in Benidorm, enjoy.



One of the best things about Spain I think are the tapas. Such a good selection so it caters for everyone’s taste. 

The fresh baked bread and alioli is homemade. I have tried many times to make these dishes but can never get the tapas to taste as good as they do in Spain. 


I thought it would be a good time to compare the prices of different things before the EU vote as to whether we stay in or leave Europe. Then next year when I come over I will compare to see if there has been any change, either in a rise or decline. We are being bombarded by figures but I do think the general feeling is that they don’t really know what will happen if we leave. 

You can still get a small beer or a glass of wine for €1 in some places. 

There are Chinese cheap shops here now but the prices are not as low as poundland in UK. In Benidorm there is a €1 shop for trinkets and Spanish souvenirs.  

A three course Chinese meal with a drink is €6

Holidays within Spain are very reasonable, with many bargains. 

Tapas is still €1 for small dish and you can get a menu del dire for €7.

House prices have now started to rise very slowly but there are still reposetion  bargains to be had if your in the right place at the right time as they do go very quickly. 

It takes between €1,000 & €2,000  for bills and fees a year, obviously the more you are there then the bills will be higher also the more people.  (Very rough estimate) 
Different areas alters the price of property so make sure it has everything you need. You often see a lovely villa with pool and land but it is out near the mountains so you need a car to do everything from shopping, beach, attractions, bars and restaurants. 


I love the way Spanish people use the beach for their exercise club, no need to join a gym here. 

Lovely salad for €4 

The prices are all relatively cheap and you can get a small beer or wine for €1 at some bars. 

The weather is great and definitely good for my bones. 

There is entertainment at this hotel and we have full board (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 3 nights. The choice of food is amazing and one of the best I have had in Spain.  All for £75 bargain but not good for the diet lol. 

Safe little bay down the road if you want to go to the beach. 


The fun started when we arrived at Gatwick airport when Rick walked past the bin and did a double take and pulled out a chandelier! Any ideas why someone would have a chandelier with them at the airport? I believe there could be a story here lol

20140604-070000 pm-68400075.jpgI love the choice of tapas here in Spain and some people’s versions of it are very creative and once again very funny. This looks like French stick, slice of cheese, rasher bacon and a fried egg but no, this is a very tasty specially made tapas just for us!! Extremely funny but not very nice.

20140604-070049 pm-68449126.jpgThe Tapas in the old town was the best, I even tried octopus but thought it was a bit fatty and salty. I just love the anchovies and olives and the meatballs are gorgeous and my favourite.

20140604-070208 pm-68528251.jpgAm I boring you Rick?

20140604-065851 pm-68331786.jpgFor the English who just want typical English food they do accommodate you here in Benidorm but there are not as many English run bars as there used to be. This is from a bar/restaurant down at the harbour.

20140604-065744 pm-68264282.jpg

20140604-065745 pm-68265349.jpgSmall beer and tapas €1.20

20140604-065415 pm-68055603.jpgSlice of pizza €1.30

20140604-065334 pm-68014472.jpgGlass wine from €1 to €2.50 and free nuts.

20140604-065236 pm-67956775.jpgThe Spanish love their music and dancing every night in the hotel.

20140604-065150 pm-67910021.jpgHello Mr Meldrew. Lol

20140604-065108 pm-67868886.jpgThese two make me laugh so much. xx


Sitting here thinking of all the jobs I wanted to accomplish today, realising that not even half got done. Where does the time go? Why does it feel like the hands on the clocks go so much quicker when you are older or is it just us slowing up? No, of course not, we are not slow some would say we are in the prime of our lives, children grown up and off living their own lives so now we can do the things we have always wanted to do, whether that be gardening, traveling or what ever takes your fancy. When my children all left home I decided to sell the house and I went to live in Spain, I bought a bar, renaming it

20131124-120055 am.jpgThe best thing about Spain is the weather and I do miss it a lot but I missed the grandchildren more so I came home. Was a great experience, like a lot of things in life there were wrong decisions made at the time but you live and learn. Such a shame you can’t go back and change things!

All I seem to want to accomplish now is finishing my book and getting it published and the day to day jobs feel very annoying at times as I just want to get on. Christmas is starting early with all the lights in the towns turned on, even decorations on houses are up. My daughter told the children their tree would go up on the 1st when they start the advent calendars. I am sure we used to put them up about the 15th December on a Sunday. I love putting them up but it is not nice when you take them down and everywhere looks so bare. I new I should not of bought the tin of shortbread as I just had to taste it to make sure all was okay, on a positive note the 99p shop sells boxes of it that tastes lovely so I can fill the tin back up.

I wrote part of a short story a few weeks ago some of it was written from a child’s point of view. I was told that it was very good and maybe I should write something else, so I have been thinking about a few stories and will get something written hopefully before Christmas.

20131124-122319 am.jpg