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What a glorious day it was yesterday here in Kent, in fact it was the hottest day of the year so far, please can we have many more days like this.  Corinne came over to have her hair and nails done at Emma’s salon in Folkestone so we had a little trip to the shops then a nice coffee in the sunshine at Djangos cafe & petit bistro.  Asking for a piece of cake, well you must have cake with coffee, I had the chocolate fudge cake and Corinne had the walnut and coffee cake.  How amazing is the size of these cakes and you get cream and ice-cream with them, the ice-cream tasted like cornish so it was delicious, no diet today then.

Think we may be visiting this coffee-house again.



I guess this is a bit like a bucket list with the difference being I would like to achieve these things this year so in no set order we start with:

Publication of something I have written-I have kept this vague in the hope I will achieve it lol

More family days with all of us together.

Take more pictures with my camera, I have found having a mobile makes you very lazy.

Visit the Shard in London, the view is amazing I have been told.

Visit my friend in Spain, love her house and I always feel better in the sunshine.

Lose some weight, no set amount as anything would be good.

Attract more followers to my blog and social media platforms.

Go to Liverpool as never been there, sounds very cosmopolitan in places.

Go to the Tate and History museums again as I was a child last time.

Try to get all 10 grandchildren and 3 children in one place for a photo!

Have entire flat painted white.

Watch Motown at the theatre.

I think that is quite a lot but we will see how I do, obviously some of these things depend on my health but I do think it is nice to have dreams.  What are your wishes for the coming year?


What a glorious start to the day, sunshine and warmth. I so want to get out in the garden and plant seeds, do weeding and just sit with the sun on your face. It feels like so long ago we had the sun, I miss it so much and always seem to feel a bit better when you can feel the warmth.

I promised myself last night that I would have a day of writing, so begrudgingly I sit at the desk for two hours and am amazed at how the words are flowing from my mind, is that because of the sun and wanting to be outside or am I just having a writing “moment” what ever it is I know I am pleased as I have written nearly 1,500 words. Also finished a short story, you can clap if you want. Lol.

I am now going to sit in the garden and have an ice cream, my treat for being work orientated.

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