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Dodging the showers I picked Jodie up and we went up to The Grand for the craft and vintage fair.  There were over 60 stalls selling a wide variety of crafts, some people are so clever, I did tell Jodie I had put a glue gun on my birthday list!  I like having a try at doing things and looking round at all the ideas you realise that they are very simple to make, well they look it, lol and such clever ideas that I would never think of myself.

Jodie found these bags, which you can roll up and put in your handbag for unexpected shopping, the covers come off so you can wash them.  So many different designs, this is the one I picked and Jodie had a cream one.

I think they are very similar to the ones we had in the 70’s.


They are called Dorky Bags from http://dorkybags.co.uk    or you can email them at dorkybags@gmail.com

It was then time for a coffee before we headed home, it was the first time I had been out so I did not feel that good and to be honest it was good to get back home in my jamas relaxing again.  Happy Monday everyone.




As soon as you walk in the main entrance you are entering a grand era and that is exactly what you get, with many rooms available for stays and also apartments to live in.


In the ballroom there is even the original gas lights and the first sprung board dance floor that the king danced on first.  The tour you can take on a Friday at pm is well worth the £7.75 and you get a cream tea at the end, which is delicious.

Original stain glass windows and wonderful wood work has all been restored to a very high standard.  You do not realise how big the hotel really is until you know that at present there are over 100 rooms not even used, this is because they need to be restored to their earlier glory.

This is one of the suites you can stay in when visiting Folkestone and this is one of The Penthouse suites.

As you can see the rooms are very different and many sizes and can be hired out for a variety of occasions.


The Grand Hotel is just perfect for a wedding or even just an evening stay.  The staff are so helpful and will make you stay unforgettable.




My friend Corinne and I took two of our granddaughters for tea at The Grand.  They had a brilliant time and enjoyed ever minute of it.



The scones are the best bit as they are warm and you get gorgeous clotted cream with them.  Corinne and the girls had never been to The Grand before and they were very impressed.  It is a lovely old building with so much character, if only the walls could talk as so many famous people and royalty have stayed here.  In 1909 it opened the very first sprung dance floor in Europe and the King and Queen were the first to dance on it.

It really is worth taking the tour on a Friday at 2pm and seeing it all in its splendor. For only £7.75 you not only get a full tour but also a cream tea!


FullSizeRender (2)

I like the way this is set out so it really gives you a boost to see how much you have completed altogether.  I am going to do both on my calendar tomorrow as my daughter photocopied a large one for me.

Words written today 1,705

Not too bad as I did have to organise and straighten bedroom after new bed was built last night.  Then my friend Corinne came down so we had to catch up over coffee.  Afternoon tea was great and will blog about that and take pictures of shoes that are now laid out under bed in colour order.  Corinne counted 42 pairs and said I had OCD!  That’s what friends are for lol

Sorry its only a short blog but my batteries have run out completely.  See you all tomorrow.



2015-09-23 12.44.57

One of the oldest hotels in Folkestone but has been looked after and improved to a high standard over the years.  It is situated on The Lea’s over looking the sea with fantastic views.

2015-09-23 14.03.25

My friend Lynda took me for afternoon tea, the entrance is superb with the conservatory open for afternoon tea or lunch, with pianist playing in the corner what more could you want.

2015-09-23 12.49.10  2015-09-23 12.49.20  2015-09-23 12.49.39

As we were shown to our seats and the coffee was delivered, we both prefer coffee to tea, we sat and enjoyed the view and the surroundings.  Having a good chat about everything under the sun.

2015-09-23 12.57.53   2015-09-23 13.09.00

As you can see the selection was superb and the scones were warm with nice thick double cream, dieting went out the window. lol

The Grand may seem like a high class place but the prices are very reasonable, making it a luxury that most can afford.  The entertainment is vast including Afternoon Tea Dance once a month which is only £5.50, they cater for weddings and funerals also in October they are having a Murder mystery evening which looks wonderful.

As the hotel is very old they also do a tour of the premises which I am going to attend so can tell you all about it.  This is only £7.75 with afternoon tea so I will get lots of pictures and eat cake just for you! lol

So from antique fairs to quiz nights you can find it at The Grand, make this your next night out as you will not be disappointed.

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You can find The Grand on FaceBook and Twitter under @The_Grand_RR


We used a promotion called Groupon where you buy deals from and exchange them so this cost £11.00  Bargain for two enjoying afternoon tea.