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Paris the city of romance, a wonderful place to visit as there are so many beautiful places to see there.  I went many years ago and have always loved anything with the Paris theme, so I was overjoyed to find this plant pot, which I must say is huge.

I then decided to treat myself to new bed covers, I think I may have an addiction to these as well as note books but that’s fine, isn’t it?

I just love my little pink Eifel tower, how cute is that.  In case you missed it the theme going on here in the bedroom is Paris but sadly no oo la la or love going on here, just as well really as I think a man would look a bit out-of-place.

Hope you are having a great week, I think Spring has arrived as I saw the sun today!


Liam Neilson – Walking along the Embankment we could see a small group of people doing some filming so we stopped to have a look and who should we see but Liam Neilson so that was a treat, they must get so bored with all the standing about waiting as they seemed to take ages to film just a small part.

The famous cock, I just had to take a picture of this pub in London, what a name and I wonder why the cock was famous? lol

The Millennium bridge.


My day out with Izzy just had to include a frozen yoghurt place, we decided to try a different one and it has shown us how good the first place is. None of this was self-service so there was not a lot of toppings and not very much choice either. Actually the ‘frozen yoghurt’ tasted more like ice cream and not yoghurt at all. Next time we will go back to the one in Camden as that is the best.

Dinner that evening was steak and chips as that is Izzy’s favourite, I never really like having steak out as you can never guarantee it will be tender. This one was a bit chewy but Izzy liked it and ate most of mine as well. The chips were lovely so not all bad.

A good day out and now half term is just about over with them all back to school on Monday, next holiday will be easter but I have a couple of birthdays before then so I better get saving.



As fast as the snow arrived it disappeared but not before Jade had a quick ride on Samson in it, did not appear to bother either of them but I am sure it must be more fun in the sunshine.


I acquired myself a record player and was very pleased to discover that it had a CD drive and a cassette deck, radio and aux plug, the sound is great and I am so pleased with it, even more so in that it only cost me £30 and they are selling new for £145 my bargain of the month I think.  I then spent all Saturday listening to all my old records, such good memories.  I love it when so many of the songs you can actually remember an event that happened at that time.  I don’t feel that happens now a days or am I just too old and nothing much happens any more?

I was 6 years old when that christmas song came out and I have never heard it play on TV or radio since then.  Typical teenager writing all over Donny Osmond cover for Puppy Love, you can not beat the original, then summer of my life; 14 and heartbroken.  Many more happy memories that last forever.  I am very cross with myself for chucking out all my old cassettes and I only did that about 6 months ago, gutted.

Mia and Zac came for dinner and Peaches was trying her very best to ignore them and go sleep and then hissed at me as if I was the one waking her up!   The children are all on half term for the week so I have a movie night planned with Jodie and a trip to London with Izzy.  I am not filling myself up too much as still get really tired and out of breath so a bit of reading and writing will be my lot for the week.  Have a great week what ever you are doing x


I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it got me thinking as to what I had in my car and is that typical of a single woman as I am sure a woman who is a parent would have other things in her car.  So let’s go with a single woman, I have:  sun glasses, tissues, lucky eye charm, chewing gum, small amount of change, phone charger, music lead, pen, blanket, de-icer, smelly things you hang up, wipes, CD’s, dashboard wipes for cleaning and that’s about all.

The only things from the above list I have is the blanket which is just a soft throw in case anyone is cold and my pot of change for the car parks.

I can understand the fire extinguisher and I am surprised they are not standard in cars.  Duct tape!  I don’t think so.

How does this compare with what you have in your car and does a single man have anything the same or different?


I was going to do a post about what we all carry in our handbags but I then realised that it is not that simple as depending which handbag you are using and for what purpose determines what you put in it.  Now I would like to carry everything with me all the time but when you have just got a small across the shoulder bag no way can you fit a bottle of water in there, or even in your small daily bag.  So you then have to carry a bigger bag as if you have your water you will then need your iPad, notebook, camera; I have become a bit lazy with the camera and this is just because of the carrying it around all day also the iPhone takes good pictures.  I have not even started on your diary, spare charger, make-up, tissues, mirror, purse, card holder it just goes on and on.  You then have to think about where you are going so should you make sure the bag can do up so you are safe from pick pockets.  Just remembered you also have to carry a shopping bag or plastic bag in case you get a bit of shopping on the way home as you don’t want to waste money paying for a carrier.  Some women pop a pair of flats in their bag in case they have to walk, as heels and walking don’t really go together.  Umbrella, maybe a jacket the list could go on for ever so I am surprised we aren’t all walking about with a mini suitcase!





I guess this is a bit like a bucket list with the difference being I would like to achieve these things this year so in no set order we start with:

Publication of something I have written-I have kept this vague in the hope I will achieve it lol

More family days with all of us together.

Take more pictures with my camera, I have found having a mobile makes you very lazy.

Visit the Shard in London, the view is amazing I have been told.

Visit my friend in Spain, love her house and I always feel better in the sunshine.

Lose some weight, no set amount as anything would be good.

Attract more followers to my blog and social media platforms.

Go to Liverpool as never been there, sounds very cosmopolitan in places.

Go to the Tate and History museums again as I was a child last time.

Try to get all 10 grandchildren and 3 children in one place for a photo!

Have entire flat painted white.

Watch Motown at the theatre.

I think that is quite a lot but we will see how I do, obviously some of these things depend on my health but I do think it is nice to have dreams.  What are your wishes for the coming year?