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I know November is a few months away but you need to get your tickets now for this amazing masquerade party.

The indie book community is… well, let’s face it, bloody brilliant! And come the end of the year when authors have released their book(s), bloggers have helped promote, and readers have read, wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get together and celebrate yet another fantastic year? Well, we can!
It’s time to dust off those dancing shoes and dress to impress for The End of Year Indie Masquerade Party.  Authors, forget about those book and swag orders, and readers and bloggers forget about those pre-order lists. It’s time to let your hair down and mingle as we celebrate the year of 2017.
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1868943793373312/

I have always wanted to go to a masquerade ball, how exciting.  On their Facebook page there is also a link for travel, hotels and transport so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.  Also with the new B&B type places to stay on airbnb your stay over will be relatively cheap so more money to spend on your outfit, oh and don’t forget your mask.



The grandchildren have had a busy couple of weeks, I love to hear about what they are doing.  Jade celebrated her 15th birthday with one of her presents being another trip to London to see her favourite singer Ollie Murrs with her Mum.

She also spent a day with her pony riding along the beach and a family meal in the local pub which I did manage to go to.


One of my friends Carol spent a month in Australia visiting her daughter and husband who live on 10 acres of grape vines.  I asked her before she went if she could get me a fridge magnet as I collect them from places I go and bless her she remembered and got me a pink one, I was so pleased with it as forgot when I lived there.


My eldest daughter got her new hot tub up and running not being able to wait for husband Darren to build pagola so up went the gazebo and it did the job and looked excellent.

Children had far too many eggs but enjoyed the hunts and eating of them.  All back to school tomorrow and that’s another holiday over, next one is the end of  May.






Gerry & The Pacemakers – Ferry Cross The Mersey (1965) – YouTube

▶ 2:42

You cannot go to Liverpool without going on the ferry over the Mersey, it stops twice then goes back so a nice trip that only takes about 50 minutes.  You have commentary most of the way about the history of places along the dock, I was disappointed that they didn’t play the song, all you got was a small bit as you got on and off.  There are many places to see, I have included many pics, hope you don’t get bored.  




This is free to enter and it is a must visit place as it tells you the history of Liverpool, so interesting.  The symbol of Liverpool is the Liver Bird which you can see on many buildings, art work, stationary and documents, in fact it is everywhere and has been for the last 700 years.  The largest Liver Bird stands 18ft tall on the top of the Royal Liver building on Liverpool’s waterfront.

From the slave trade, Chinese trade, dockside settlers there is everything you could possible want to know about Liverpool in this museum so well worth a visit.

I really did love the way the architects have blended the new buildings in with the old so nothing looks out-of-place.  So many different shapes of the new buildings make it all so interesting.  They really do welcome visitors with so many places of interest, you could really do with a good 10 days to see many places but still not everywhere.

I loved the illusion of this building looking so thin from the front and then opening up in a curve at the back.

Very romantic in Liverpool, I just loved the love locks by The Albert Dock.


One of the first places to see when you get there is The Cavern Club which was made famous in the 60’s by the Beatles playing there.  I was expecting a bar but this place is amazing as it is under ground with brick walls and arches everywhere.  This is the same stage that the beatles played on.

They have musicians playing and singing Beatles tunes all the time and they are so good.  Tribute bands play once a month for something different.  Such a stimulating place and so relaxed with people dancing where ever or if you want to wander round there is information about the club and beatles all over the walls and even their guitars on show.  I loved it and if you have never been to Liverpool then you really must go.

Outside the club you have the bronze statue of Cilla Black who was also a true Liverpudlian, never losing her accent and such a lovely person.  Singing from the same time as the Beatles she went on to become a show host of the well-known Blind Date and Surprise-Surprise on television but I think her first love was singing.


If you are a dedicated Beatles fan you can go on the Magical Mystery Tour exploring The Beatles Liverpool with such places like, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, their homes and schools.  I am sure you would be over loaded with everything Beatles but what an amazing tour.


There are many statues of famous people all over the town and as you can see a pint is very cheap.




I had one of the most memorable breaks with my friend Lynda a couple of weeks ago in Liverpool, I had never visited there before and wow was I in for a shock.  It is a beautiful place so clean, so much history that I must admit I never knew about and shops, well what can I say there were more than any other place I have ever been.  One of the many shopping centres called Liverpool one has over 35 places to eat upstairs so it sure caters for every taste.  Many streets full of shops, bars and restaurants and NO where was empty!

We stayed at an airBnB, which I have only just come across, it is on-line and an app, so much cheaper than a guest house or hotel.  We shared a room and had access to the kitchen for breakfast which you just help yourself to, also there was tea & coffee-making facilities in our room, if you needed anything you just had to ask her or text her.  The bus went from the end of the road into Liverpool center so no parking worries and so much quicker.  I will definitely be using these again and they are everywhere so I will look for them in Spain next time I go.

We ate out the first evening as it had been a long day, it took 6 hours to get there from Kent but motorway all the way and only had a bit of traffic on the M25 so not too bad.  The chinese was by the BnB, what a lovely place and I must say how very, very friendly the Liverpudlian’s are and will do anything to help you.  The lady owner was born in Liverpool so had no trace of any Chinese accent which was the case in many chinese shops as they have been settled in Liverpool since 1834 when the first vessel arrived in Liverpool’s dock. There is even a China Town.  Prices are extremely good, we had the set meal which was more than enough in fact neither of us finished the main.  All washed down with a nice chilled white wine, what more could you want.  BED is what we wanted then but a great first day.

The back of the houses are really close together with no real back gardens and it reminded me of Coronation Street, one of the soaps we have in the UK.





Born in Italy in 1968, Angela is married and has one child. She is a SF author and lives in Folkestone (UK). She has published two stories:  A New Beginning in the Folkestone 2014 Anthology, and Homecoming in the American SF magazine Nebula Rift in 2014.

Her novella Across Spacetime will be released on 31st March 2017 by Fountain Blue



Book blurb

2651: humans have colonised most of the Solar System, and have a vast theoretical knowledge of the Multiverse. The Martian branch of the Earth History Institute decides to put that knowledge into use by offering a few lucky students the chance to spend a short while on a different point of the spacetime continuum for research purposes.   

Samir, a young Terran, takes this opportunity to experience London in the ‘90. A few years later he happens upon another time traveller, Beatrice, a young Progressive (human from the outer planetary systems). They fall in love, but for their story to work out they have to overcome their own prejudice and change their expectations from life.

I first met Angela a few years ago on a creative writing course in our home town of Folkestone.  I am often asking her questions about her writing, book and sci-fi.  Here are a couple of them for your enjoyment.

Would you like to go to the Moon Angela?

Oh yes! There are so many things to check out, like the very tall features (some of them 4 miles high) that look a lot like artificial towers (check these coordinates on Google Moon, images from NASA: 22°21’50.69″N, 81°59’12.92″E and this one 16°17’20.57″N, 87°36’23.56″E), or see if it’s true that it is almost completely hollow.

And I’ve seen lots of footage on YouTube with UFOs caught hovering over the Moon or seen from the International Space Station. Many astronauts have admitted that they saw them, like Buzz Aldrin.

So, when shall I start packing?

When did you start writing?

In 2008, although a tarot reader told me in 2000 that I would write a book within two years.

I was struggling with a severe health problem at the time, so writing was not a priority.

The work I started nine years ago never saw the light of day, thank goodness! I don’t regret writing it, though. The feedback I was given pushed me to attend several Creative Writing courses, and the research on the Saturnian moon Titan came in handy when I wrote Across Spacetime.

Where you pleased with how your Across Spacetime Facebook Launch Party went yesterday?

It was hard work organising it, but the party unfolded without glitches. I was touched by the support I received from friends, family and my co-hosts. The event is still available online at http://bit.ly/2mAGWLg  to give to who couldn’t attend yesterday the chance to discover new interesting authors, learn more about Across Spacetime and have some fun.

And the fact that you Karen stayed at my place for a few hours was a bonus.

So there you are straight from the horse’s mouth, I do find it all very interesting and I love Angela’s enthusiasm about anything sci-fi.

I have read the very first draft of the book and even then I thought it was amazing and to be honest was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it as never before had I read anything like that and also never as a child was interested in anything to do with the future apart from Doctor Who who I did enjoy very much from behind my granddad’s chair as it was very scary for one so young.

I have included the links to purchase and I have given it a good 5 stars.  Well done Angela xx

Purchasing links

Sale starts 31st March 2017

To preorder:

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/701501

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/across-spacetime-angela-guidolin/1125707901?ean=2940153998022#productInfoTabs

Website/SM links


Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/angelaguidolinauthor/

Twitter account:  https://twitter.com/guidolin_angela

LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-guidolin-6832057


How to contact Angela

Email: aguidolinauthor@outlook.com

Twitter: guidolin_angela

Skype: angela.guidolin