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This blog is now 4 years old, I certainly did not think I would still be doing it four years later, but I am and still having fun.  I like the way it is going where there are more things about Folkestone and all what is happening in our town.  The book reviews are getting popular as publishers are now sending me them to review.  The most popular posts are the ones about Folkestone especially like where to go for food and cake.

The stats have all gone up so much, I am amazed and really happy that you all still like to read my blog.

Blog followers 587

Blog views 18,289      OMG    Amazing!

Twitter followers 1,054     WOW

FaceBook followers 509     Not many followers but friends makes up for it.

FaceBook friends 1,396        WOW

Instagram followers 231

Pinterest followers 460

Goodreads friends 237

BlogLovin followers 123

If you add these together that’s a lot of people reading the blog post somewhere.

It is read in over 80 countries now!

I think this deserves champagne but alas I am indoors on my own so it may be a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys later.  Thank you every single one of you that is a part of my community, I love you all. xx


They say an agent or publisher will google you as soon as they hear your name and are thinking of working with you. Social media has in some ways taken over our lives but for some this is a necessity if we want to pursue our carears. So, how do we get a social platform? This is getting a lot easier as most of us have either a computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, iphone or mobile that we can access these apps. I guess the most popular one is FaceBook, so make yourself a profile making sure never to lie about anything as someone will surely pick it up. True to life and interesting facts about yourself and your work, including pictures and places you will be going. One interesting fact I have discovered is that our readers love to see where we do our writing, this is for all the authors out there. You can also have an author page that people can like and you can show case all your publications.

IMG_3597Next we have Twitter, I find this takes a bit more time, in the beginning I was reading a lot of tweets but in reality you can only have a quick look and because I follow mainly authors, agents and publishers I will retweet anything I think is interesting and by retweeting you are getting the attention of the person that originally tweeted. I have kept most of my profiles on each social media the same so people get to know me. I would say that these two are the most popular and the ones you must have but there are others.

IMG_3600Here you have Instagram, where you post pictures of anything to do with yourself and your work. You will find that as you start following people you will see the same names but that’s ok as it is their friends that one day might notice you or your work and help you or buy your book.

IMG_3601Goodreads is the one that all authors and anybody with anything to do with books or publications should be on. You get to see the new releases first and you can put your name forward to read them and write a review before they are put up for sale. Your readers can see what you are reading as well as writing. Again keep it all personal but obviously not giving your full address or phone number. I created an email just for Nanny Cool and tend to give that out.

IMG_3586Pinterest, this is my favourite and could spend hours on here and never get bored. The idea is you create a board, give it a name and then look through hundreds of pictures and pick the ones you like and put them on your board. I have a lot of boards, for instance one on writing that I put all things to do with that on it.



IMG_3588You could have a board of your books, books you have read, your office. Two of my favourites are my wish list so you can put all the things you would like for birthday or Christmas and my childhood and all the things from those years, it takes you right back there with your memories.

IMG_3599We then have BlogLovin, which is basically a site full of blogs on every subject you could ever think of. Such interesting reading on some of them, most include photos as they are found to be read more and they are kept short so you don’t get bored with them.

You also have google that you can link into from your Google email. There is Linkedln but I find this is more for business people.
I have linked everything to my blog so every time I write a blog post it goes on every other social site that I have. When ever I share or post on FaceBook it automatically goes to Twitter. So it all cuts down on the time you spend on your social media platform.
Hope this has helped some and if you have any questions or queries then please get in touch either on here or any of the sites or at nanny_cool@ymail.com


I have been thinking today about the writers holiday I am going on at the end of July, I am looking forward to it and meeting more authors. Then I thought about how many authors I am now friends with on FaceBook,Twitter and even on here. That’s a lot of authors and only a very small percentage of the amount that there are out there. I wonder how many there actually are?
I find it a very supporting group of people, I guess that’s because we are all in the same boat, just trying to write a best seller.

20130628-102404 PM.jpg
So Newport, South Wales is where it is being held, I have never been to that part of Wales before so looking forward to seeing part of it.
I think about writing, stories, plots, characters and poems where ever I am now it’s like my brain never turns off, It then gets frustrating when you cannot just get your pen or computer and just get on with it. Lol. I am now off to do some writing before I forget this character I am piecing together from about five people I know.

20130628-103643 PM.jpg
I don’t want to speak to soon but I hear it may be barbecue day on Sunday! xx


20130518-101757 PM.jpg

20130518-101814 PM.jpg

20130518-101842 PM.jpg

As you can see these are the most wonderful all hand painted shoes that I won from H.C.Elliston, I have never seen shoes so unique and I will treasure them forever. When you win something it makes everything in the world happy, might be because I never win at all so it is just absolutely amazing to receive a box full of goodies.

20130518-103308 PM.jpg

I will hurry and finish the book I am reading as I cannot wait to start my new one, it sounds very good so I can see myself not doing a lot for a couple of days lol. As the book is also signed I am thinking about a glass cabinet for shoes and book so they stay in pristine condition. Over the top? No, I do not think so, I am a happy blogger/writer/Nanny/Mum. xx


It would be good to have comments to this post as it may help us all out a tiny bit. What do you think of when you hear the words Social media? For myself I think of FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest. I have been a fan of FaceBook for a number of years and all my family and friends are members too, it proves a very good way of keeping In touch with people when you have not got the time to write a letter/email or phone them to have a good chat. you can put your own pictures on there, again very useful as now you do not have to go and get films developed or print out copies to send to family as it all goes on line and if they would like to print them off then they can. My grandchildren all have FaceBook but yes it is monitored by their parents, they seem to have a good grounding about what is right or not. When I started my blog I new it would need a FaceBook but I was very reluctant to use my own personal one as yes it is personal. So I set up a new one, which is very simple to do and that is Nanny Cool FaceBook, some of my friends and family have become friends on it, mainly to give me support and to see what I am writing and how I am getting on. There are some friends and acquaintances that do not even know anything about Nanny Cool! The two sites are very different and offer my friends a rich selection of news, gossip, awards, events and many albums of pictures. FaceBook for me as a writer is helping to build my platform of recognition and it appears to be working well.

20130516-120215 PM.jpg

Next we have Twitter, this is very new to me and have only joined it in the name of Nanny Cool. Again very easy to join and load up a little bit of your information (very little bit) and couple of pictures. This has also been used to build my platform of acknowledgment and has worked very quickly, you appear to get followers over night and this builds considerately over the weeks. It has been very simple to post a ‘Tweet’ as they are called and then to re-tweet people’s Tweets and also make them one of your favourites. I have not learned what the # (hash tag) is for or why people use it so perhaps someone can fill me in on that? There also seems to be Trends, which I can see they are about things in the news right now but not sure if you are supposed to comment? Or how it becomes a Trend, can anyone make something Trend? I must admit I do really like Twitter from the point of view that if there is something going on anywhere in the world it appears to hit Twitter before even the news channels or radio got hold of it. So, all in all Twitter is a good place to build your writers platform.

20130516-121701 PM.jpg

We now have Pinterest, which for me is very new as only first heard of it on other people’s blogs that I read. Joining again was simple, I have used the same picture as Nanny Cool on all these sites so people have a visual image of Nanny Cool to link them all together. This site consists of making your own boards of pictures, which you can name anything you like, you then pick the pictures from the thousands on Pinterest to build up your boards. I found this to be very addictive as once you start there are so many good ideas about anything you could think off. I have pictures of lovely flowers and gardens that I wish I had, pieces of furniture that would look so good in my house. The craft board I really love as I have found so many things to make with the children or do with them during the holidays. There are so many different boards you could make and then you also get to see other people’s boards, which you can follow and the same for yours, anyone can use some of your pictures or follow your boards. I really do love this site and could spend hours looking at it. What I do not understand is how it can help to build your platform or boost numbers to your blog? Can anybody help with that?

20130516-122818 PM.jpg

That is as far as I have got at the moment but if you have anything to recommend then please share with us all. x


As I have been laying about all day with the dreaded sick bug, it has given me time to look through the blog and look at numbers and I have got to say how really pleased I am. (Excited actually)

I started Nanny Cool about the 9th February 2013

I have had 1,074 views

I have 85 followers from 26 country’s!

How cool is that? I guess I must be doing something right. It is very frustrating being ill as you end up with so many stories and post’s going through your head but you feel too ill to write them all down.

I also have 158 Twitter follower’s which is amazing as I have never used twitter before and did not really know what I was doing!

So it is all thank to all you reader’s, hope I can keep pleasing you and thank you for your support.

Nanny Cool x

20130401-093923 PM.jpg


Just little thing’s can make you happy, can be a smile from a friend or a kind word for it to lift you up for the whole day. For another person it might not mean anything at all to them, we cannot know what make’s the other person happy but always giving a wave, smile or word to others might make their day for them. A comment on here or FaceBook or Twitter can make me smile as I then know that what they have read they have enjoyed and that is what keeps me going. I guess we all have self doubt, some more than others, so a nice comment makes it all worthwhile, for me anyway.

The new laptop was bought today, not the one I saw on-line but a faster better one so all I have to do now is set it all up, I have allowed all tomorrow for that job, and playing with it. I have not used windows 8 yet so I am looking forward to it.

20130328-095852 PM.jpg

I really like the colour too, something a bit different. I wonder if it will help me to write quicker, I seem to have so many ideas in my head for stories that I do not know what to write first. Should I finish the couple of short stories or enter a couple of competitions or get on with my novel? I am at least writing so all is good. Tonight I will be going to bed with a book as in our Sainsbury’s supermarket they are doing a good selection of books at 2 for £3.00

The following picture I saw on my daughter’s wall this afternoon, I thought it looked lovely and what a lovely keepsake, it could be covered by a piece of Perspex to keep it looking good. The two girls aged ten and one had good fun in the paint and both liked different thing’s about the experience, the elder one liked doing the prints while the younger one loved the feeling of the paint on her hands and feet and then looking back on her prints. I’m sure she was probably thinking how did that get there, it’s on my feet lol.

20130328-102329 PM.jpg

Tomorrow is Good Friday, when I was a child I would go with my grandparents to the fish man as we always had fresh fish for dinner. I think all the children of today will remember about Easter are the chocolate eggs. What do you remember about Good Friday?

Have a happy day. x