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What a fantastic night!

The Greek dancing that most people joined in with and ended up going outside the line was so long.  They performed for two hours with no break and it did not cost us anything, so a brilliant night was had by all.

How do they keep these glasses of water on their heads and never drop anything?  Fantastic to watch, they don’t get puffed out either as the dances are very repetitious and it was very warm last night. image


They even did the fire dance which was amazing and then he lit a corner of a small square table and then held it in his mouth and danced, you couldn’t do that if you had false teeth!

We even had belly dancers, they make it look so easy and then doing it round fire.  The celebrations went on till the early hours even though we left as there was a new baby for the Greek owners of the taverna.


A good title for a post about anything, but will it be interesting? I can write what I think you might like to read, that will only be correct for a small percentage of readers. Do you think about how to reach out to more bloggers or are we just satisfied with the readers we have? I am amazed at the varied posts that I read and find so many interesting, funny and well written, I guess we all have our own little percentage of readers and I am truly grateful for everyone of them for reading this blog. I can be having a very bad day but if I see I have another follower it lifts me up instantly. I do sometimes feel that my post’s are not interesting or catchy so will spend hours thinking of something else but seem to always come back to my original post.

Peaches is still following me about in case I disappear again and seems to want to sit on the very bit of paper I want to read and then sulks when I turf her off.

20130807-123713 PM.jpg
My eldest granddaughter will be 16 in December and today she has gone for her first interview for an after school, weekend job at Sports Direct. She told me that she will be at her school Academy till she is about 20 and she does not have to wear a uniform when she goes back in September but it does have to be black with a jacket so very workplace orientated. If she then goes to university she could be in education till about 25, will all these qualifications guarantee a job, no but she will at least stand a better chance than if she had none.

My daughter goes back to work in September after taking 16 years off to raise 4 children, the youngest being 5 but at least Mum will be working in the same school he goes too, so not too much of a change for him. I will then be on sick days duty so I hope they are all healthy during term time!

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I feel the next few months are going to be a challenge for all of us, I want to get my book written but seem to have many stumbling blocks with health and family. I am not going to put myself under pressure though, if it is not completed then I will just carry on next year. I never feel it is good enough so keep writing the same bits over again, are you ever satisfied that it is correct? I am having a holiday the end of September to Greece with my friend her husband and family so I am very geared up to write lots out there in the sun with maybe a Mojhito or two.

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I will be a grandmother again in December and then January, taking the total to 8. I do feel that is enough lol considering I was an only child they do not take after me but their Dad was one of 7. It is lovely being part of a big family and all living in the same town and what with all their cousins too there is always someone to see or things to go and do. All made even better by the wonderful weather we are having here in the south coast, my eldest grandson appears to always be down the beach in the sea with all his friends. Last week he did not want to go camping with the family, that’s when you realise they are growing up and getting minds of their own. He stayed with his cousin and had a lovely long weekend.

20130807-012020 PM.jpg
I saw my consultant about my shoulder this week and had another steroid injection, the last one did give me a bit more movement but not less pain so we are trying once again. I cannot have anymore so then it will be surgery if I go down that route, or do you just accept and live with it. I have found my body has adjusted to not using my left arm for lifting or anything, it is hard sometimes for things though.

I was amazed after coming back from the writers holiday in Wales that I had actually lost 4lb, not sure how that happened as it felt like we were always eating as it was all inclusive. Why is it so much harder to lose weight the older you get?

I am enjoying reading Penny’s book The Doll Makers and got so engrossed in it last night that I stayed reading till one o clock! No wonder I feel so tired and useless today. Have a lovely Wednesday what ever you are doing x


20130623-082517 PM.jpg

Well today is the biggest moon but we will not see it here as there is far too much cloud cover! That is the British weather for you, ruins everything.

I am back home, been relaxing most of the day, then this evening Billie dropped the baby round as she had to go to the hospital to get antibiotics so I was babysitting once more. All ok now and she has gone home, the lounge looks like a tornado went through it! Lol

Jodie and Darren arrived back this morning and woke their children up, was lovely seeing their faces. This picture makes it all worthwhile as I think it is so lovely. No more holidays for a few years though lol

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I will not look at you if you do not look at me!

What a lovely day we had here, I went outside and looked at the garden and realised how much there is to do out there. It feels like we should all hurry up and get things planted as everything is behind. I have made a plan to get the compost for the seed’s and will try to get those all in pots tomorrow and will have a full greenhouse (it is only small) I have some more solar lights to go up so it should look pretty then. The hard part is the digging, not very keen on that bit but I think my grandson is coming to help me, so that is good.

20130407-103426 PM.jpg

I really wonder sometimes why things seem to go wrong or not do what they are supposed to do. I had to make recovery disks for the new laptop so I bought a new pen drive and it has so far taken over 4 hours, it got almost to the end and there was a problem….not one that I understood, so had to start again. I also bought the new Office as I have Windows 8 so everything was up to date, I went on the Office website, it said to scratch off the strip and then put the number in and it will all download, simple. NO, I scratched it off and could not read the numbers! So had to take it back and then get another one, at least that did not charge me, I think he thought no one could make that up or be so stupid…he could see how smudged the numbers were.

The new laptop has not got a disk drive, no, I did not realise this until I went to use it. I now am the owner of a portable disk drive, at least it’s pink. Lol I also invested in a large capacity pink pen drive to keep everything backed up, let’s hope I have more luck with that. The laptop breaking has proved to be a very expensive experience, I keep telling myself that I have covered all points now, even paying for insurance so it will be fixed or replaced if there is a problem and they even MOT it every year. Probably need that with me using it! Lol

The children are still on Easter holidays here so I do not think I will be getting very much writing completed this week. I am looking forward to Izzy coming to stay, we plan on going out for the day. Will tell you more later in the week. Think it is time for me to get under the covers and read my book, I am half way through so I just want to finish it now.

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