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I class myself as knowing my way around a computer and have never had any problems or mishaps with on-line shopping, I use Tesco as I have always had brilliant service.

BUT……I guess it had to happen sometime. I requested a piece of Ginger!


I could not believe what I got.

What on earth am I going to do with all this ginger? At least it was only £1.90





This was very interesting learning about what the magazine industry used to be like and for anyone wanting to know about journalism in the 80’s. Not that long ago but so much has changed and will continue to do so I feel. A cut throat business that discarded you as soon as your face did not fit.

So many contributing factors affected each magazine.  You would think that rising sales above expectation would please the editor but if advertising rates have not been set to cover all sales then that is no good at all. The start of the glossy pages that warranted brilliant photos, you had to get the best photographer for your magazine.

There were 2,500 new magazines launched between 1979 and 1989! What a difference to now as many are only digital versions these days. Only the best are still in print!  This book is a world of knowledge and really very interesting.



I really do like these police adventures, this one is about missing teenagers.  The detective Elsa Myers has a bad history herself with the story going back remembering that, while the present day mystery is happening at the same time.  Very well written as I didn’t get confused at all and really enjoyed it. FBI agent Elsie Myers will have to find herself and face her past as well as get to the missing child. There is a lot in this story to make you want to carry on for all the answers.

Problems with Elsa’s family including her sick and dying father make this a heartfelt read as well as a police case.  The characters all blend together and stick out for their own values, I am sure this will be the start of a series and will be one to look out for during 2018. Karen Ellis will be a name to remember, she has a unique style of writing that will jel with many people.


So many books this year with many standing out as brilliant, I wonder if I can up my total for next year to 70?  I just squeezed in with 60 this year, I really don’t know how people read 200 in a year.

We went to Liverpool to see all the famous places, had a super time.  Was my first experience of airbnb which was great.  I loved the place and would like to go back as there really is so much to see and do there.

Our first spell of hot weather came early in the year and we made the most of it and got the gardens looking fab and enjoyed time on The Harbour Arm.

Easter began with a super lunch with the ladies, I tried to not eat too many eggs and really enjoyed the flowers.

Alfie turned 9 and Jodie got a hot tub, very enjoyable and the cocktail.

Billie, Paul, Jade, Mia and Zac enjoyed a long weekend away at Camber Sands and really enjoyed themselves.

A new garden centre for Folkestone that does great cream teas.  Brilliant day swimming at the outdoor pools, the weather was great.

A fantastic trip to Benidorm with Corinne, we watched ‘Benidorm” being filmed, made some friends from The Sun bar and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Two new dessert places opened in Folkestone and doing extremely well.

I took Alfie to the sci-fi show and we had a great time.

My birthday was such fun, had a brilliant lunch with my friends and some great presents.

I have missed all the sheep from Romney Marsh so took a pic when I went over to the dentist.  Alfie had a great time at the cinema, we watched Despicable Me 3.

Lynda’s 70th went on for about two weeks but what fun she had, the lunches and parties were fantastic then she went off for about three holidays.

Folkestone in the sunshine, I love the town I live in and it just gets better and better.


Ladies that lunch is the best time of each month for me.

Buying the camper was the highlight of the summer and then going to Deal camping with the family was such fun.

Freddie and the twins came to visit for the day, Freddie now knows what is in every drawer and cupboard in the camper lol.

Sometimes you get a picture and when ever you see it, it makes you remember that day and laugh, this is one of those pictures, Beckie could not get her banana open like we (normal) do so she bit into it, I think she was going back to tribal ways! LOL.

My trip to Jersey to re-kindle my memories from childhood but I just did not realise that everything would be different 50 years on.  The places I visited were lovely especially the gardens and the pearl place.  I stayed in a great airbnb with super hosts, I must remember to try the black butter as still not done that yet.  The beaches were the best as they stretched for miles and the sand was golden.  Was a nice trip, with lots of reading and writing achieved.

I stayed at Jodie’s and we looked after Jack for the night, such a smiley boy and so cute.

We had family over from Australia who the girls loved catching up with, we had some nice cream teas and reminiscing.

Billie and Jade both got new horses this year, Jade did a super job of staying on her horse as she was going over the jump.



What a fantastic story and was so pleased with what Patricia said on her wall on Facebook.


A delicious lunch for the ladies at The Grand and a bargain price so we will be visiting there again next year.

Billie and family had to say goodbye to Pepper who is now the shiniest star in the sky. Was so sad for everyone as he was such a loving little dog.

PURE pet food gave me a pack to try out with Peaches and then to blog about it, well she loved it and it really filled her up, you can purchase it from here.


What a brilliant two weeks of everything book related, was great to catch up with Julie Wassmer again and meet other writers.  There was a vast program this year so something for everyone including children.  The workshops were enjoyable and I came away with some new books to read.

Our christmas lunch and another year of monthly lunches over, it is great to have such good friends who support and care about each other.  We have some ‘special’ birthdays next year so lots to look forward to.

Then the snow came very early and caused disruption but all the children loved it even though it didn’t last long.


View from my lounge

As we say goodbye to 2017 it’s been fun, sad, happy, hard and many other emotions but let’s go into 2018 with open minds and hearts and hope it is the best it can be.



I have to say that I love this on-line shop, so many wonderful things you can buy here and of course the note books, you can never have too many of those.  Some things are a bit pricey but I have never seen anyone with the same stuff at the events I have attended. There is just so much choice here, I could spend a fortune.

The Literary gift company


The other place I could spend ages walking round is Paperchase, now it’s hard to decide what to buy here as everything is great.



So any last-minute gifts for writing/reading  lovers these are the places to go.  Definitely something for everyone here.


Why is it you always end up buying something for someone that you really want yourself? So not fair lol.



I saw this and really wanted to share with you all, I believe this to be true.  People don’t change their basic characters all they can change are their habits.

Don’t live your life hoping all will come good with a snake as it will not, you just have to be brave enough to walk away.




5 stars does not seem enough as this story is brilliant, great characters that will grip you as you follow the life of D.I. Kelly Porter as she returns to her home town.  A cold case, a man dropping dead in dubious circumstances and trafficking, a lot going on and a very dangerous situation.  Can Kelly get to the bottom of this without anyone else being found dead or will they get to her instead.  I love a good police drama and this is one of the best as there is so much more to this so it keeps you gripped until the very end.  I am so pleased that this is the start of a series as if it carries on like this I can see it being at the top by the end of the year. Down to earth characters that will make you realise how things like this can and do happen. definitely a book to purchase now!