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This blog is now 4 years old, I certainly did not think I would still be doing it four years later, but I am and still having fun.  I like the way it is going where there are more things about Folkestone and all what is happening in our town.  The book reviews are getting popular as publishers are now sending me them to review.  The most popular posts are the ones about Folkestone especially like where to go for food and cake.

The stats have all gone up so much, I am amazed and really happy that you all still like to read my blog.

Blog followers 587

Blog views 18,289      OMG    Amazing!

Twitter followers 1,054     WOW

FaceBook followers 509     Not many followers but friends makes up for it.

FaceBook friends 1,396        WOW

Instagram followers 231

Pinterest followers 460

Goodreads friends 237

BlogLovin followers 123

If you add these together that’s a lot of people reading the blog post somewhere.

It is read in over 80 countries now!

I think this deserves champagne but alas I am indoors on my own so it may be a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys later.  Thank you every single one of you that is a part of my community, I love you all. xx


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e72/45767120/files/2014/12/img_0338.jpgMy grandson Zac is a year old today, Happy Birthday Zac like a flash the year has gone. I have not done half of the things I wanted to so next years list has started already. Time does seem to go faster the older you get, why is that? I have not written or blogged as much as I would like as there always seems to be something else to do or I am not well and just not up for doing anything. As I write this in bed I feel sad for not accomplishing my dreams but hopeful that I do have next year to try again.



/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e72/45767120/files/2014/12/img_0243.jpgI met my friends for our Christmas lunch last week, I don’t think any of us ate all of it as the servings were so enormous. The mint torte was my absolute favourite thing though. My friends mean the world to me and pick me up when I am down and help me when I am ill, I really do not know how I would survive without them, Thank you all.
My daughter Billie had an accident at the horse stables and got stamped and kicked by one of the horses so that was a week of worry, going to hospital and looking after her children. All ok now and home but we could of all done without that. I don’t think anyone is organised for xmas this year as too much drama…..please take note up there this family has had enough.
My other daughter has a new house with a new type of heating and when it goes wrong no one knows what to do so at the moment they are giving them heaters until it is fixed, just what you want when it’s getting colder and the children are just about to break up for the xmas holidays.
On a happier note it was my eldest granddaughter Kara’s birthday on Friday, she had a party with her friends and then a family party on Saturday so it was nice to get together and celebrate.





I have one last writing class of the year this week, then we start again in January. My acupuncture on my shoulder has been cancelled until January and they are hoping I will be over the infections and coughs I have been having by then, let’s hope so but this is me we are talking about lol it will probably be snowing and I will be stuck indoors!
Have a good week everybody xx


IMG_2873.PNGWell the day has come at last after so much preparation this year and I think it is going to be the best ever Triennial.
On Thursday it was reported that the Berlin based artist Michael Sailstorter had buried 30 individual pieces of 24-caret gold under the sand of the Outer Harbour beach. I wondered why people were looking to buy metal detectors on FaceBook that day! The children had lots of fun and to date I have only read that 4 bits have been found, with a lot of people saying it is not true; I say get looking and dig!

There are so many things to see and do in Folkestone over the next few weeks so well worth a visit. This is the web site where you can find dates and times of activities.
This is going to be a lovely place to sit and when I first go there I will have my trusted notebook and pen and I will compose a poem of all I see, smell and feel, a senses poem from the heart; watch this space for the finished article. The park is situated behind this building, sorry about the picture.

The Guardian newspaper have published a brilliant piece about Folkestone which you really should read, you can find it at this link.
Bring your shovels, metal detectors and notebooks and see how many of the amazing things you can find out about or see in Folkestone, Kent UK.


20140530-103947 am-38387001.jpgWednesday was lunch with the girls day, not the full set but we still had fun and managed to gossip about everything and put the world to rights. This month we went to The Hope Inn in Hythe, Kent UK as we used to work with Paula who now owns it with her husband Steve. It’s a lovely pub set a couple streets back from the main high street of Hythe, plenty of parking and a short walk from bus stop. Once inside the pub you are in a traditional space with fires to cosy up to in the winter and a choice of ales. As you go round the corner of the bar you can enter the dining room.

20140530-104814 am-38894941.jpgWe chose to sit in the window and the first decision was which wine to have so for a change we settled on a German one and what a brilliant decision it went with everything and we all enjoyed it.

20140530-104949 am-38989707.jpgThe menu was small but varied and Paula told us that their new website and menu would be up in a couple weeks and you can see this at http://Thehopeinnhythe.co.uk
The staff are so friendly and helpful and the atmosphere warm and friendly. I would definitely recommend this good old English pub, whether it be for just a drink or a meal. After much deliberation and talking we decided on the cod and chips and the homemade chicken curry, both of which were cooked to perfection and I really enjoyed my cod.

20140530-105317 am-39197155.jpg

20140530-105317 am-39197977.jpgWe all decided to skip having a starter but they did look very good, we all enjoyed dessert instead which were delicious. The lemon meringue pie, chocolate fudge cake and apple pie and custard all went down a treat.

20140530-105713 am-39433690.jpg

20140530-105712 am-39432562.jpg

20140530-105714 am-39434521.jpgIt was Sylvie’s birthday so she got a candle and lots of presents. Happy Birthday Sylvie.

20140530-110209 am-39729817.jpgPeaches even tried to come along in the present! A wonderful lunchtime gathering with friends and the good thing is we only have to wait a couple of weeks and we will be doing it all again with the full group as June’s lunch date is early because of holidays. Woo hoo I can’t wait, see you soon girls.


It has been great lately with all the bank holidays and makes the week feel nice and short with just four days. I do wonder if it would be better if they were spread out a bit more during the year. We now have to wait until the

20140527-014840 pm-49720619.jpgThat is the only bank holiday during the children’s six weeks off during the summer so working parents have to juggle their holidays or child care.
After that we all have to wait until Christmas for our next break, not that you can call it a break with all that you have to do to prepare for Christmas you are just to shattered to enjoy it.
Going abroad is also a nightmare during school holidays as the price is always so much more expensive and now you cannot just take your children out of school a couple of days early to get a cheaper deal as the education department will fine you.

20140527-020612 pm-50772028.jpgI am going on holiday next week and really looking forward to getting away, doing some writing, sunbathing and enjoying a few sangria’s with friends. I am hoping to get my short story sorted for the HG Wells competition and maybe some plans and drafts done for the next couple of stories. The weather has been awful here for the bank holiday weekend so it will be nice to get a tan and hopefully feel good.
Must leave you now and attend to some packing. X


20140525-060953 pm-65393036.jpgOn Saturday I attended a workshop given by Jennifer Thatcher which was held at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone, Kent. This was part of the HG Wells Festival. https://hgwellscompetition.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/jennifer-thatcher-writers-workshop/
After the usual introductions we looked at what makes a good review? Deciding that it was a number of things such as good first lines that hook you in or grab your attention. The use of adjectives and maybe even linking it to something that is going on in the news at that time.
Looking through a number of papers we realised that there were many that did not ‘grab’ us but again like the review it is an individual’s interpretation and not everyone will agree with it.
The last part of the workshop looked at interviews and the questions you should ask to get the most out of the interviewee. Obviously open questions work the best and even then adding ‘why’ onto the end to elaborate the answer. The questions we came up with I thought were very good and we then tried them on each other, the better they were the more you found out about each person. Here are my questions that I asked:
What is your favourite childhood memory?
Which night of the week do you like best and why?
Who taught you the most valuable things as a child?
What is your favourite book and why?
Who are you close to now?
Who do you sleep with?
How often do you eat out and where do you like to go?
Have you got a matching dinner service that you use every day?
Where did you have your first alcoholic drink?
How many countries have you visited?
Where would you most like to go now?

All I have to do now is find somebody famous to interview. Lol
The festival are also holding a competition and all the details can be found on the following link. Good luck everyone, I think the theme is very good as it’s FORTUNE.

Number 7 Trial

20140525-044136 pm-60096544.jpg

20140525-044135 pm-60095064.jpg

20140525-044137 pm-60097865.jpgA newer better version and getting fantastic reviews from everyone. I had to try it and been applying it night and morning for over a week now, my skin definitely feels softer round my eyes. It goes on so smoothly and drys extremely quickly leaving your face feeling so smooth. I am sure my make up stays on longer too, so that’s an added bonus. I will keep on applying this and let you know further results but so far I am very impressed.

20140525-044815 pm-60495286.jpg

20140525-044816 pm-60496781.jpg